123D Sim & Vis 3.9 Key Features (First Principles Basin Modeling)

123D Sim&Vis allows the user to build a basin model from chrono-stratigraphic subdivision of key events, lithological composition of layers using pre-defined rock-end-members, and description of present day stratigraphy assigned through layer-thickness or depth/two-way-travel time to top horizons. The point-and-click user interface handles data from any seismic interpretation software, which is capable of exporting datasets in ZMap format.

User controlled simulation features of 123D Sim&Vis:

123D Sim&Vis utilizes dynamic timestep-control, optimized numerical scheme with respect to minimizing computation times, sparse-matrix solver, and finally shrewd shoe-horns for impeding oscillations during the iterative solution procedure.

Visualization options of 123D Sim&Vis simulation results: